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It was a warm day for the kids but lucky for them and Mr Oopy, Adelaide’s children’s entertainer we had cover ! We celebrated Leonardos third birthday today and we had a mix of young and older so Mr Oopy the kids performer ensures that everyone is covered. Our songs ranged from The Wiggles and lucky this favourite entertainer carts a laptop now to cover for the older kids who request pop songs like “Downtown” Well Mr Oopy didn’t have that song in his repertoire however again lucky for me and them we managed to play it from you tube !! All bases covered my friends. So much so, an older kid yelled out, “Let’s play tug of war” Low and behold, guess who has rope.. Hello Mr Oopy does. See Adelaide’s favourite children’s entertainer has got your back HAHA. What I love about children’s shows they are all unique and spontaneous. There is never a show that I stick to its structure. Its becoming more of a spontaneous show however with a list of activities to do but in no set order.

Today I decided to get Leonardo up on stage to sing, “The Wheels On The Bus”. I gave him a microphone and away he went. It was the highlight of the day.

Thank you Leonardo for having Mr Oopy or as you prefer Mr Poopy, your favourite children’s entertainer be part of your birthday.
Good memories my friend.


Mr Oopy Adelaide Children's Entertainer Australia at Leonardos Third Birthday
Mr Oopy Adelaide Children’s Entertainer Australia at Leonardos Third Birthday