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All children love to be creative, it is how they learn. Our fun art and craft activities are great for all ages. Whether it be star making, doll making, Christmas themes to spiders and anything that their imagination will take them to. Our specialized Art professionals create a fun, educational learning workshop. When children are curious about something they learn more and better. These are some of the Art and Crafts we offer:

Sand Art

This is a very popular art and craft activity that children absolutely love. This particular art and craft activity is more suited for older children as it requires a little more attention. Maybe from 5 yrs onwards would be safe to say. It’s a fun activity that can be for outdoor or indoor. We also have themed Sand Art cards such as Easter and Christmas.

How this works: Each child receives a sand art card with a choice of designs and there are many to choose from ! They peel off each section of the image and fill it with various colored sand to choose from. Once they have finished decorating their sand art card, they get to take it home! This is great for all events from festivals, family events and corporate. It’s also a great activity for parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents and or guardians to get involved and join in. Children love to interact having that support and comfort with them. We also have our team of wonderful assistants who are also there to guide and assist in the creative fun process.

Air Clay

Another highly popular art and craft workshop that children enjoy playing with.

Air Clay is similar to play dough however the difference is air clay dries in a foam shape which will last a very long time. It doesn’t dry up like playdough. They create shapes as you would like playdough. Like Sand Art workshop they can also take their little creation home.

We also have our great time of facilitators who guide them through the whole process.

General Art and Craft

Adelaide Children’s Entertainment also caters for general art and craft workshops or specific themes such as Easter and Christmas. When we use the term, ”general art and craft” This means our experienced and engaging facilitator will bring along a diverse range of art materials for the child to create as far as their imagination takes them.