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Gringo Grasshopper and Betsy Butterfly are the only ones of their kind of roving Stilt Walkers not just in Adelaide, but in Australia. They are not just Stilt Walkers, they are Insect Stilt Walkers.

Stilt Walking Entertainment for All Ages

Big, spritely coloured roving stilt walking insects entertaining children and adults. A family fun and friendly roving stilt walking act with over 20 years experience in children’s entertainment.

They love to interact with children and adults, making them laugh, giving them hi 5’s and talking to them about anything and everything.

Our Stilt Walkers Are Great for Different Kinds of Events

You can’t miss them in any environment. They are huge !!! You will see these brightly coloured insect stilt walkers at events such as the Royal Show, Family events, Community Events, Birthday Parties and festivals.

Lucky for you, they are very friendly to talk to and they don’t eat humans! They much prefer eating stems from leaves, plants, corn and farmers fields crops.