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Adelaide or we would say Australia’s best bubble show! It’s a bubble show that is absolutely bubbly entertaining, not only for the children, but for the adults too. The Adelaide bubble show is most effective outdoors and it’s a bubbly treat.

Bubbles are fun and it is a fascination to watch. These are not just ordinary bubbles, they are gigantic bubbles. It’s a bubble extravaganza. The children get to touch, play, pop and chase bubbles.

Perfect for a medium to large outdoor area be it for private birthdays, functions, family fun days, school fetes or corporate events. Another added and great feature is the children get to have a turn at creating big bubbles.

This is what we call creative learning but having fun at the same time. They learn how to form a bubble assessing wind conditions and knowing when to open and close the bubble wands to get the most out of the bubbles. Kids learn by experiencing and touching and doing all of this in a playful environment. It’s a win win!


When kids see bubbles, they light up with glee. I mean, who doesn’t like bubbles. This is quote a fun bubble experience for the kids leaving them wanting more. Kids get to go inside a bubble, parents take a happy snap and viola! We have happy campers. But wait! They will want to come back for another round of going inside a bubble. !

How this works: The child steps inside the bubble ring, the bubble assistant will lift the hoop to create the bubble which can last between 5 to 10 seconds before it pops. Its that bubbly simple!! Even adults like to have a go.