Australia's Favorite Children Entertainer

Mr Oopy’s children’s show is interactive, fun, friendly, energetic, and a silly children show for children from the ages of 2-6 years in Adelaide, South Australia.

Australia's Favorite Children Entertainer

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Mr Oopy’s children’s show is interactive, fun, friendly, energetic, and a silly children show for children from the ages of 2-6 years in Adelaide, South Australia. Mr Oopy children’s show offers a unique educational and high energy experience that incorporates music, dance, props, percussion instruments, singing, games and much more. If you are looking for children’s entertainment in Adelaide to get your kids learning, dancing, jumping, laughing, being silly and having a great time, then Mr Oopy can do just that. The interaction between Mr Oopy and the kids is what distinguishes this kid’s show from any other! Mr Oopy makes all the children feel included, even the shy kids! Mr. Oopy has the ability to bring out the best in your children and all the children are encouraged and supported to participate, learn and just have fun! Mr Oopy also performs in other parts of Australia, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.


You wont need a clown for your child’s birthday because Mr Oopy is just that. Kids love to be silly, have fun and be entertained. Perfect, Mr Oopy is silly, has fun and loves to entertain. Mr Oopy children’s show offers a high energy show with loads of interactive activities such as pom poms, percussion and dancing. But wait there’s more, how about an activity with bubbles. Kids love popping bubbles with Mr Oopy, the bubble man HA


Mr Oopy children’s show is well known to the Child Care centres in Adelaide. Montessori to Precious Cargo and Playgroup SA. While your children are at child care, be sure to know that your child will be entertained with an educational show. They learn coordination through body movement to hearing different sounding instruments. They have the opportunity to front centre stage and talk to their peers, which builds confidence.


Where there is a family music festival you are a guaranteed children’s entertainment and in Adelaide and more than likely be part of Mr Oopy children’s show. Nothing like a children’s show on a large space of grassed area for the kids to run around. Mr Oopy has a plethora of children’s school activities like tug of war for the slightly older kids to sack races and ball games. Kids love to run around and Mr Oopy encourages exercise.

The Bubble Show

Mr Oopy now has a bubble show right here in Adelaide however performs Australia wide. Mr Oopy is the bubble man of Adelaide entertaining children with just bubbles and more bubbles. The Adelaide bubble man, Mr Oopy can incorporate his show along with his bubble show or just the bubble show itself. The option is yours. It’s fun and fascinating to watch the kids immerse themselves laughing and smiling poking and running through bubbles.


Thanks Elio – I take my hat off to you, what you did when you entertained the children was just fantastic.

Abbey (Child Centre Director)

The kids all had a great time & many families have asked for your contact, so will be passing it on.

Debbie Foster (Minda S.A.)