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Thursday third July 2014. Another fun filled performance by Mr Oopy, Adelaides favourite childrens entertainer. Mr Oopy performed two shows at Early Steps Child Care Centre in Paravista. The first show was for children from the age of 18month to 3 yrs and the second show was from 3-5 yrs old. Mr Oopy, although even though I don’t think any child called me Mr Oopy I owned the title of Mr Goofy, Mr Woopsy and I think I heard Mr Woopy. !! Love them all kiddies, which by the way were just so much fun to be around. The great thing with children is you just never know what they will say or do but there is always something brilliant they bring to centre stage !  The lovely Sway asked if she could sing and without hesitation Mr Oopy quickly brought the microphone to her and she sang Twinkle Little Star. This was unplanned but this is what makes the show. So many great qualities in these children that Mr Oopy is the one to be thankful for. The children gives Mr Oopy the opportunity to goof around and have absolute fun with them. There were many highlights but I think the children loved the animal song. It was the Tiger moves!

Mr Oopy says a BIG THANK YOU

Oh and thank you to Abbey the Director for her lovely message, “Thanks Elio – I take my hat off to you, what you did when you entertained the children was just fantastic.”