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Whether your children are age one to even 12, Mr Oopy has the versatility to cater for all. Mr Oopy children’s show can cover songs for the little children such as songs from the Wiggles to songs like “If You Are Happy and You Know It” to “Hokey Pokey”. How about children that are 7-8 years old, don’t worry kiddies, Mr Oopy, Adelaide’s kids performer has got you covered. They generally like more physical activities for example, The Limbo to fun activities like Tug of War. You would be surprised to know they also like bubbles. Yes Mr Oopy and his bubble machine is a winner for children of all ages. Even for Mr Oopy, Adelaide’s favorite children’s entertainer and Australia wide.

Then we get to the 8-12 year olds where they like to listen to pop songs of today from Katy Perry to Justin Bieber. Again Mr Oopy has got your back kids.
Pick a song and Mr Oopy should have it. If he doesn’t,he will go online and find the You Tube video and play your pop requests. Not only that, but children have the option to sing through a microphone and take centre stage.
This is a real winner and it’s a parents magic moment to video tape their child either talking on the microphone or singing. It’s a priceless moment that makes you feel proud to be a parent seeing your child on centre stage.

Parents, you wont need a clown or a circus act for your child’s birthday because Mr Oopy is just that all in one. Mr Oopy is like 5 acts in one.
He’s like the Peter Pan, the Clown, the Jerry Lewis, the circus act, the gymnast all rolled into one silly fun children’s performer

What he promises is a fun, energetic interactive children’s show and a silly show at that. Kids love being silly and Mr Oopy does too, so it’s a win win for everyone.


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