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There are so many family music festivals Australia wide for families to experience. Taking your family out to a fun, friendly family environment
has many qualities. It is a time to bond with your children, partner or spouse and family extensions. It is also a time to give your family undivided quality attention. Your children will love you for it and what a great way to spend your day.

Family music festivals offer so much in the likes of children’s entertainment, whether it be in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Queensland, Melbourne and Tasmania. There is something for every child Jumping castle, to children’s shows, rides or roving clowns, there is a plethora of children’s entertainment.

“Why does Mr Oopy’s children’s show love performing at festivals?” He is glad you asked, it is because of the space he has to perform in. Nothing like an organic feel in nature, green grass, blue skies and sunny days, there is room to move which is a favorite and preferred choice for Mr Oopy children’s performer for when entertaining the children.

Having the space to perform offers a much broader scope of activities to be involved in. The Limbo is a great activity for such outdoor events to ball games like knee ball. The opportunity to run like chickens in a farmyard is a definite treat for children. They love to run around. Games like sack races are a real winner. The slightly older children warm to this activity because of it’s physical fun nature. It is the element of winning. We all want to win and it’s a great opportunity for children to experience being in a team and what it feels like to win and what it feels like not to. Perfect and again fun play learning !!

Through fun play learning, Mr Oopy encourages exercise, so be rest assured by the end of the show, they would have had a fun work out and hopefully be tired enough to say, “Mum, Dad, I am tired. Mr Oopy can see you smiling from here ! You can thank me for it later!