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DJ OOPY creates a fun safe place for children to unleash their creative side dancing freestyle to a wide variety of music. It’s pure kids entertainment right here in Adelaide. Also known for his kids show Mr Oopy, Adelaide’s favourite children entertainer, DJ Oopy plays all your favourite age appropriate Top 40 current songs to Top 40 songs of the past. This animated fun childrens DJ also plays songs for the little children whether it be Wiggles tunes to ABC tunes and songs like Let It Go from the movie Frozen. Hey kiddies, “Do you have a song request for me?” I would love for you to come up and let me know what song you would like to hear. DJ Oopy loves to interact so don’t be surprised to see the fun and silly childrens entertainer dancing, jumping and having fun too.

DJ Oopy is an interactive DJ and kids party performer whereby he likes to connect with children by talking to them, encouraging children to dance and enjoy the music and atmosphere. There is no right or wrong in dancing as DJ Oopy sees each individual child as unique. There are also fun activities to experience while dancing such as Hoola Hoops and Pom Poms to play with. Hoola Hoops are fun but they have an education aspect to them. It helps with their coordination while having fun at the same time !

At the end of the dance show, DJ Oopy ensures every child receives a pressie as a way of saying thank you. If your children are shy and would rather watch, then that is absolutely fine. DJ Oopy is quite astute and observant at spotting the shy ones and just allows them to be in their own space. They generally like the music they are listening to but sometimes big crowds can be overwhelming and that it absolutely fine. Either way, your child will get a pressie from DJ Oopy for just being there as he appreciates it.

Playing music to children helps develop their self-confidence and express themselves freely and creatively. Dancing is freedom and an escape to be just yourself. Parents, grandparents, cousins and the likes of, DJ Oopy also encourages you to participate. These are childhood memories they will never forget. They will remember those special moments for a lifetime !! You may just get a present too !!

Join DJ Oopy in dancing to fun and your choice of songs and lets have a great time