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Adelaide’s favourite children’s entertainer is at it again and this time at the lovely Wild At Hart Markets in Port Adelaide on Sunday. It was a glorious day for a children’s show with lots of room to play and right in front of the massive playground. It was a win win for everyone. Wild At Hart Markets is a place that is family friendly and a great way to relax and spend a few hours either watching the kids have fun in an all enclosed playground, to eating delicious foods from Organic Fruit balls that I was privy to eating, organic vegetables to Moroccan food, plus more entertainment. AND you might be lucky enough to see some dolphins swimming by. Wild At Hart Market is a hidden treasure and I am sure going back to enjoy the energy, food and wonderful atmosphere Wild At Hart Market has to offer.

The kids had a lot of fun and 5min before the kids show ended, I had one lovely girl come up to Mr Oopy and ask when the show was finishing because I promised every child a little pressie from Mr Oopy, Adelaide’s Children Entertainer. She was just too excited and couldn’t wait and wanted to cut Mr Oopy’s show a bit short LOL Too funny and I love it.



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