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All thirty ( and more I think) kids had a great time being entertained by none other than Australia’s favourite performer and all the way from Adelaide, Mr Oopy in Pt Broughton Area School today. It was a pleasant two and half hour drive leaving home at six fifteen am in the morning. Sorry guys, for privacy reasons I am not able to post photos of the children but at least you have a picture of the school sign :-). What I love about the children’s show is the unknown and the spontaneity the children bring to Mr Oopys childrens show. Even though their is structure to the show, there are also elements of freedom to move around doing all sort of high energy dfun activities. One part of the show is we get to run around in a circular formation, well thats the plan, and then come back to centre. One boy asked if he could keep running around the hall and I said, sure, you keep running while I continue on with the show. This created laughter amongst the parents and teachers, hence the freedom aspect which I love. I would also like to share the feedback from the school which was wonderful to read.

Elio had the children, aged from 0 to 6 eating out of his hands from the outset.His friendly, active approach provided to all children to join in and take part in activities. Elio was extemely well organised with numerous visual aids and recorded background music.

Prior to the session, Elio communicated via phone and the internet to develop a program adapted to the ages and interests of the children in the Port Broughton area. He allolwed for a high degree of creative freedp, acknowleging the unique attributes of girls or boys. Elio shared a wealth of past experiences and programs and offered his CD’s for sale, some of which he has sold world-wide.

I highly recomment Elio’s session to schools, libraries and parent groups. Elio also allowed the elderly from Barunga Village to attend this session – to their delight.

Thank you again Elio and I wish you well for your continued success.

Yours sincerely,
Rosalie Patterson, Teacher & Librarian
Port Broughton School Community Library