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Hokie Pokie Animal Song Muscle Flexing

After an early morning 2.5hr drive to Port Pirie Regional Library, Mr Oopy entertained a wonderful bunch of kids. Mr Oopy has other names and for this childrens performance Mr Oopy was called Mr Poopy. yes that’s right, “My Poopy”  LOVE IT. Since I am getting called Mr Poopy, Mr Goofy quite often, maybe its a sign from the kiddies to change my name to either one these. They both suit Mr Oopy’s character and personality. Thank you kiddies I absolutely love all these names. The children were wonderful at cooperating, interacting and using their imagination. Kids find it easy to use their imagination. It comes naturally and I love being the observer seeing these wonderful traits and qualities all children have. Mr Oopy has just as much fun as the kiddies. Maybe it’s the other way round. The kiddies entertain Mr Poopy !!! Just another great event and thank you very much to the parents coming along and also to Port Pirie Regional library. Until next time, Mr Goofy signing off.

Adelaide Childrens Entertainment- Mr Oopy