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Adelaide Childrens Entertainer Mr Oopy has attracted quite a few different stage names. The one that seems to be the highlight is Mr Poopy ! So thanks to you kiddies Mr Oopy childrens performer may just change his name. Mr Oopy was advised these wonderful children may be a bit reserved and shy as there aged ranged from 3 – 5 years old. Well, Adelaide’s favourites childrens performer had the opposite experience of shy !! These bright young children were a far cry from shy, reserved and quiet. I am sure they had 3 sets of lungs and energy to burn for a full day. They were the most cherry, happy lot who had a great time and of course so did Mr Oopy. There were three childrens shows and it was a wonderful mix of children but overall they certainly were happy chappies. Thank you children of Montessori. Memories forever!! Well done Montessori, you have a wonderful child care centre where the place if caring and happy.

Here is what Montesorri had to say –

Thank you for bringing your Mr Oopy show to our centre. It was a lovely way to celebrate our end of term and to give the children an experience out of our usual routine. They certainly enjoyed the show and your interaction with them.

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