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Mr Oopy, Adelaide childrens entertainer absolutely loved performing at Minda SA today. It was high energy right from the get go. Each person had unique qualities. I had one enthusiastic kid named Ben who was my right hand man. He would come up just before each song and advise our next song. He loved Do The Monkey by the Wiggles. I called him DJ Ben !! He was awesome. There was another girl named Mia who just constantly smiled. What I did notice is they loved when I called them by their name to praise a particularly activity there faces would just light up. It truly was a wonderful experience to be part of their day. One kid constantly gravitated to my Bubble Machine toy and of course who wouldn’t, they are so much fun to play with.

All in all Mr Oopy loved performing at Mind SA today and thank you for having me. I really loved each kid and I still remember all their names.

The client says-  Hi Elio, The kids all had a great time & many families have asked for your contact, so will be passing it on.

Debbie Foster- Support Leader


Mr Oopy Adelaide Children's Entertainer Australia
Mr Oopy Adelaide Children’s Entertainer Australia

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