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Mr Oopy at it again and this time at Kidz Club Child Care Centre The children were fantastic. They loved to shout when prompted and I needed a pair of ear muffs LOL. I didn’t realise the lungs of these children were adult size !! HA

The props such as the musical instruments were a highlight and the challenge was to divert their attention from going towards the music box !

Well, it was certainly an interactive and loads of fun. At the end of the show a huge high 5 was given to every child and hugs were also welcomed.

The children then asked if I would go outside to play with them. Awww very sweet of them but I probably would have got stuck on the small slippery dip hehe

At this point and for privacy reasons I have a photo of the Child Care Centre.

Thanks again kiddies and hopefully Mr Oopy, your favourite interactive children’s performer will see again sometime.

Kidz Club Child Care Centre