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Adelaide’s favourite childrens entertainer MR OOPY SMASHED OUT 4 hours of NON STOP entertainment and the kids were lovn it…..I had a bag of 100 Balloons..All gone !
One cute kid said- I didn’t like you at first but then I did because you played the songs I asked. HAHA Gotta love the honesty in kids. It was A GREAT SHOW and LOVED IT.. Here’s what the client said

Hi Elio
Thank you again for your involvement in the START at the Gallery event yesterday. You were certainly a highlight of the program and to say that your performances were high energy was definitely an understatement! No doubt you slept well and hopefully your many START fans did too! Hope to have you entertaining Art Gallery visitors again!

As the client says, it’s a high energy show, so not sit downs over here friends. The television can do that. Mr Oopy can also combine DJ music for the slightly older kids ie 8-12 playing their favourite Top 40 tunes ! and that certainly adds alot more entertainment. Oh and Mr Oopy will get up and dance too.


Mr Oopy 1aMr Oopy 1