Adeline’s Second birthday

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Happy Birthday to Adeline. Sunday 6th July was a performance by none other than Mr Oopy, Adelaide’s favourites children’s entertainer. The children ranged from two to 6 years of age which is perfect for Mr Oopy. A beautiful setting in the Adelaide Hills. Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is always a favourite and a great way to get their attention. hehe Mr Oopy does like to throw in the odd “Where’s your elbow?” Hmm that sometimes gets them thinking. What Mr Oopy did find out is they just loved jumping up and down and so more jumping it was. Well done to Lachlan who came up on stage with Mr Oopy to show all of us his rendition of how to play the guitar. Oh and thank you to Mishka who is two, wanted to make sure she got on the microphone to let everyone know she likes to breakdance, well at least we thought that’s what she said. :-)  Adelaide Children’s performer brings out great qualities in children and the parents also enjoy watching their children have fun but listening to their children’s speak on the microphone about the things they like doing is priceless. Well done to Cassie, the mother of Adeline who bravely took to the stage to show everyone a stretch move and with a bun in the oven, the squat move was perfect for this young mothers efforts. Hi 5 for you Cassie.

As always the children were fantastic, adorable and fun to watch. Thank you Adeline for inviting Mr Oopy. You are very special and Mr Oopy wishes you a great birthday.