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In today’s society, both parents generally work and seek childcare centre’s to look after their children. Not only do the children learn to interact with others but they are given lots of activities to play with keeping your children safe and entertained. Part of that entertainment is providing live children’s entertainment that many childcare centre’s provide. Mr Oopy speaks of experience, as he is well known to the Child Care centre’s of Adelaide.

Having a children’s performer entertain the children at their childcare centre offers the experience of varied entertainment. Apart from the many wonderful activities children experience within a childcare centre such as sand play, to playing on the swings, playing with blocks and color in, Mr Oopy children’s show brings in another element of fun and activity to the childcare centre. Adelaide’s favorite children’s performer offers an educational fun show.

Since most of them are between the ages of 2 and 5 then playing songs from a Wiggles collection like Heads, Shoulders Knees and Toes help with the hand and body coordination. We call this fun play learning. Another fun educational aspect of Mr Oopy’s children’s show is playing with instruments.
Children have the opportunity to choose their own instruments while playing to a song which maybe from the children’s group HI-5 as an example. Again this is fun for children and fun play learning.

In a childcare centre, children learn to adapt in a social environment and increasing their social skills very early on in life. They build resistance, confidence and experience the many levels of interactions with their peers.

Mr Oopy extends this concept of building their confidence by offering them centre stage and talk into the microphone while children are asked some simple questions like what is their name, to their age and asking them what do they like doing. Mr oopy is proud to say that your children’s favorite play activities are playing with their brother and sister, playing a sport to dancing and singing, considering the amount of technology there are for children it is always a pleasure to hear that they enjoy playing with their friends and family and healthy play activities.