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Parents, Mr Oopy knows what you are thinking. We have 100-200 people to invite, there will be loads of kids. We need to entertain them. Mr Oopy agrees with your thinking. I know, you already have enough on your plate, busy thinking about the venue for your child’s baptism, to the food catering for the adults and children. I know the list goes on…….Mr Oopy is all too familiar with the experience of Baptisms and the types of entertainment that he has seen.

Children’s entertainment is endless from balloon artists to clowns, jumping castles or karaoke machines. Funnily enough, Adelaide’s favorite children’s performer is (almost) all of those things. He say’s almost….He is definitely not a jumping castle but kids do like to jump on him if they had the opportunity.

Feel rest assured Mr Oopy’s job is to entertain them to the hilt. Would you like Mr Oopy to tire them out. Just ask and watch this favorite children’s entertainer do his magic. They will be thirsty for water within 5 minutes !

Ahh I can hear the phone ringing now, you better be quick because Mr Oopy gets booked well in advance haha

The benefit of having children be entertained by a live children’s entertainer is having the life experience of real fun as opposed to the electronic devices that children seem to draw themselves to and isolating themselves from society.
So leave their electronic devices home so they can experience interaction with other children and be entertained by Adelaide’s only favorite children’s entertainer right here in Adelaide.