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elio-oopy-blue“You are a fantastic performer and great with kids!! We all loved your show. It was absolutely brilliant”

Mr Oopy’s slogan is, “The children are the stars of the show”. With a grand entrance at the beginning of the show and the cheering from the parents, friends and relatives, this show gets kick started with flare!
Mr Oopy is a real kid at heart. He acts like one most of the time so being in a children’s show is right where he belongs. He loves being silly and clowns around to make the kids and adults laugh.

Mr Oopy brings so much more than just fun to the show. Imagine a clown, a circus, a sportsman, a teacher, dancer, a gymnast, a musician in


one package, you get an exciting, dynamic and above all entertaining children’s show by Mr Oopy.

Mr Oopy’s vision is to bring out those special qualities within the children.

  • Children taking a leading role and sharing with their peers to build their confidence.
  • Questions by Mr Oopy is designed to assist the Children to develop their own thoughts and answers.
  • Stretching and Warm Ups with the children introduces the importance of exercise to stimulate the body.
  • Freestyle dancing is a lot fun and allows the children to feel joy, freedom without structure and routine. Freestyle dancing enhances the conscious mind to feel unbound.

All Kids Love Pressies!

To add more value and it’s definitely the icing on the cake, you have the option to offer a present to each child at the end of the show. Chat with Mr Oopy to find out more details on how this works.

Mr Oopy also performs in other parts of Australia upon request, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

As Bugs Bunny says……bdeee bdeee “That’s All Folks”